EcoPacifier: Natural, Orthodontic, 1pk


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EcoPacifier is 100% natural and is BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free.  The round shield simulates the mother's breast and the solf rubber won't leave marks on baby's face.  Molded into one piece, EcoPacifier is the safe choice for your child.  Single pack. 

Ecopiggy’s Natural Pacifier, Ecopacifier, is made of 100% pure rubber from the rubber tree, Hevea brasillensi. These trees are sustainably grown in plantations in Malaysia. The rubber tree exudes a latex sap, the world's primary source of natural rubber, which is tapped in a similar manner to maple syrup from a maple tree. After about 20-25 years the tree stops producing latex sap. The trees are then harvested and replanted. The harvested wood is used extensively in furniture, flooring, construction and even toys. From seed to tree to ecopacifier to wooden toys, the Rubbertree has an eco-friendly, sustainable and high quality life.